How did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet and start dating?

It is an interesting love story of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce but the question is “How did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet and start dating?” but the answer is yes both have been dating since at least September 2023. but the question is how they meet each other and how much time they spend dating. here detail about the love story of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. if you are searching for this interesting or romantic story so keep here and scroll in to below this page,

How did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet and start dating?

Taylor swift and Travis Kelce have been dating since last September 2023. and they first meet at a Kansas City Chief game To cheer on the celebration at the end. both appearances broke at that time after rumors of dating came.

After that time Taylor appeared many times in the Suiting on TV series, she attended more than 10 games in this season 2023 -2024. but Travis Kelce has returned to Argentina traveling tour ” Eras Tour

When the swift and Travis had made the chief AFC championship Victory, both shared the kiss scene on the open field. after that, their team is going to celebrate winning the Super Bowl on 11 February 2024. When the time was so sweet for Love Bird they were spending quality love time.

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How did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet and start dating?

Again the chief won Against the San Francisco 49ers there was a huge celebration, where Swift and Travis Kelce’s MOM Donna Kelce also present, according to the previous time the love birds were holding onto each other and making some speeches. swift was always Present with her boyfriend Travis and shared serval kisses in the open field.

Taylor Swift says she’s an Eagles fan:

when Taylor Swift released 2020 the song ” Gold Rush ” she featured the lyrics song as ” My Eagles T-Shirt Hanging From The Door” on that time was 12 May 2023.

During the ERAS TOUR ” on 12 May Philadelphia She talked about the lyrics by herself and revealed the lyrics are shared with the NFL team and not for the California Band. She had shared viode on stage with the NFL TEAM.

What did Travis Kelce say to Taylor Swift?:

When a new video was released by NFL and CW teams That time Kelce said After celebrating the field His team went home The trophy ” And she said ” Thank you for coming baby ” She also said that I don’t believe she replied or hugged him.

How long has Travis Kelce been in NGL?

Travis Kelce202013.5
Travis Kelce201813.0
Travis Kelce202212.2
Travis Kelce202112.7
Travis Kelce201613.2
Travis Kelce202112.2
Travis Kelce201712.5
Travis Kelce202310.6
Travis Kelce201512.2
Travis Kelce201412.9
Travis Kelce20130.0

Who is Travis Kelce’s ex?

Before Travis Kelce And singer Taylor Swift’s Relationship, Travis had been dating Kayla Nicole Since 2017.

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