How Old is Kevin Costner in 2023? Discover the his iconic journey .

In Hollywood Life, the legendary actor and director Kevin Costner is now searching How Old is Kevin Costner” This iconic actor is now 68 years old he was born on 18 Sept 1955. he was born in Lynwood, California. his best performances are always remembered Such as “Dances with Wolves” and other “Field of Dreams” he is the best part of our entertainment industry, here I am focusing on his age, early life, awards, and personal life, the more details so you stay connected with us and scroll to my page for knowing to everything.

Kevin Costner’s Early Life

You have to know that Costner was born in Lynwood, California. he did not go to proper schooling and did not play any sports Such as Football, but he has learned piano. he has written poetry, and sung in the first Baptist Choir, After he said that he watched the 1962, film, he was inspired by those movies and took an interest in Western movies. Costner has three boys, and in this way of life, he achieved more fame in the entertainment world. her starting journey was in business administration but after some time he realized that it was not his passion, and he changed her career.

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Kevin Costner’s (Bio)

Date of birth :18 January 1955 ,
Birth Place :Lynwood, California, USA
Age :68 years old now
Height :6′ 1″ or 1.85 m
Real name :Kevin Michael Costner
Top Awards:Golden Globe, Emmy Award (2012)
Top And famous work:Dances With Wolves
Married to :Cindy Costner (1978 to 1994) , Christine Baumgartner( 2004 to September 2023)
Children Name :Cindy Costner (1978 to 1994), Christine Baumgartner( 2004 to September 2023)
Parents Name:Bill Costner (father ), Sharon Costner ( Mother)

Works and Awards

The President of the United States’ role in the mega-blockbuster Air Force One (1997) was written specifically for Kevin Costner. In fact, Kevin Costner helped develop the action film with Beacon Communications and writer Andrew W. Marlowe in 1996. But Kevin had to eventually pass on the film because of work delays with his futuristic The Postman (1997).

Costner called up Harrison Ford personally and offered Harrison a once-in-a-lifetime role. Harrison Ford accepted the role and has always thanked Kevin Costner in interviews for his kind gesture. Air Force One (1997) became one of the highest-grossing films of all time. in 1986 he such a role in “Platoon” and in 1992 he “In The Bodyguard” As a Co -star, 2003 he played for role in Quentin Tarantino,s Kill Bill vol-1, and vol-2 also in 2004, and in 2012 “Whitney Houston”

How Old is Kevin Costner in 2023? Discover the his iconic journey .

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He has contributed to top the movie “Dances With Wolves” and after that, he was recognized for the act Such as the Golden Glove Award and Emmy Awards in 2012 .

How Old is Kevin Costner ? (Personal Details)

Costner Was born on 18 Jan 1955 and he is now 68 years old When he was 18 years old he had a canoe and paddled in the rivers, and at that time her height was 5′ 2″, and studied in high school. He played basketball and football, and he became a baseball star in 1973 year but after completing college at California State University he turned in business. after some,

he thought it was not suitable for me and he turned also Acting and took classes for five nights a week, when he was doing his graduate degree he had a girlfriend named Cindy Costner, and he married Cindy Costner in 1978 but he had an accident in flight from Mexico.

How Old is Kevin Costner in 2023? Discover the his iconic journey .

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where he met with Richard Burton, Burton had advised to customer if he wanted to do acting he should complete the acting classes. After that, he moved to Hollywood. before that he had done truck driving, fishing boats, trying to start with a bus, and finally, he made a soft-core sex film, and a big break came for the chill in 1983.

Kevin Costner’s Marriage and Divorce

As per above in personal details, you know more details, Kevin married Cindy Costner in1978 She is a college sweetheart but in 1994 they decided to end their relationship, both have three children, but in 2004 again he met with Christine Baumgartner and got married and in 2022 both married journeys has been ended. this divorce reason was a personal and personal reason that impacted family life, and both have separated and both have three children also.


in this post How Old is Kevin Costner? you have to know that Kevin Costner age is 68 years old now. he is a famous personality in Hollywood. his career life was full of experiments, but he was dedicated to his work with extraordinary talent. In 2024 he will be about 69 years old and we celebrate his 69th birthday.


Q: When was Kevin Costner born?
Kevin Costner was born on January 18.1955.

Who is Kevin Costner’s ex-wife?
Kevin Costner’s ex-wife name is Christine Baumgartner.

Q: Where was Kevin Costner born?
 Kevin was born in Lynwood, California

Q-Is Kevin Costner Indian?

Kevin Costner Is not an Indian he was born in Lynwood, California.

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