Infernal Trials: Exploring Tower of God Part 2: The Hell Train

The Tower of god part 2: The Hell Train is the third part story of Tower of God Part 2. As you now see The Return of the Prince is the second mega Arc in volume This was featured by Tangsooyook, the team who takes many challenges as the Hell Express also Beniamino Cassano who was taken down in this story This story was started after one month as the starts the second story of 111th chapter .it was a long arc and ended with 315 chapter it flows continue on seamlessly as this arc. Tower of God part 2.

Tower of God Part 2: The Hell Train (Tower of God arcs in order)

The Tower of god part2:The Hell Train is Tower of god volume 3 of the Tower of god part 2 It includes 20 Tower of god arcs and Spans It starts from chapters 111 to 315 Chapter. It is all included in the second story which has been given below and you can see the chapter.

Number Chapters 111 to 112Chapters
1PrologueChapters 298 to 301
2-Revolution RoadChapters 113 to 152
3-HoaqinChapters 160 to 165
4-Wooden HorseChapters 160 to 165
5-A MonthChapters 166 to 171
6-The Dallar ShowChapters 172 to 195
7-Yuri ZahardChapters 196 to 197
8-The ‘Name Hunt’ StationChapters 198 to 225
9-WangnanChapters 198 to 225
10The Floor of DeathChapters 232 to 259
11-New PowerChapters 260 to 263
12-The Hidden FloorChapters 264 to 274
13-The Hidden Hidden FloorChapters 275 to 277
14-Khun EduanChapters 278 to 283
15-Zahard’s DataChapters 284 to 287
16-TrainingChapters 288 to 297
17-TomorrowChapters 298 to 301
18-PowerChapters 302 to 305
19-The AdventChapters 306 to 308
20-Three OrdersChapter 298 to 301

Short Summary of “The Hell Train “

Here is a short story from Tower of God Part 2:The Hell Train is telling you about The hell Train Express, This train serves as a shortcut for way who can climb the tower Fast, and it has extraordinary qualities Who travel by this train will repeat again and again, it means the train can go back as It starting point where it was started in beginning. and after that, it will reach to targeted point or destination. the hell train route has been decided before So it will start from the 35 floor and 44 floor which is the Tower of god hidden floor arc chapter and additional,

but it has quality it was quick to climb the targeted destination as a tower. So many boards may use this train for climbing on the tower. So that time has saved and compleated the targeted who decide before. If you want to read in detail about it Release Date please check here

History “The Hell Train”

This story was a long time ago when the tower named Zahard and Total Warriors were climbing
on the tower with hell express and its, guardians helping to climb the tower by their
training. In this part, Zahard And all the warriors had changed their revolution and the train
name has changed and called ” Rice POT” It was created by the train master who replaced the train name.

About the Train

The hell train is a big locomotive train, that seems like a blue fire For as flying in the sky and
using blue fire as Sishu, it may be possible that it moves using that mechanism. who wants to ride on the train, will climb on one of the sets downstairs, It may be a habit that you insert the ticket, and open the door, and all have come inside the train.

Hell Train pathways

The hell Express is the process of day and night in which during the day time enemies are fewer it
is peaceful, But during night number of enemies are active, who are regular. but the permission to stay on the train if they have passed through a certain amount of sections every day and also manage ten days spent at night,

and they reach on fixed destination, where they are required. and for placed to next place, we have taken to test to next floor at every way at end .beacuse there are many ways to reach there but in the night they change the path completely.

Getting rid of monsters that appear at night.

To reach on next place and get the rewards, they keep the Fight train guardians every coches.
When they confirm their tests as unavoidable circumstances such as ( Train conductor death )
Due to this reason, the test has not been completed, but regularly they open the transport device and test them. Inside the train is “Revolution Road Tower of god” but its name has been changed to ” Rice Pot “It is the area where the master and the god Zahard are great warriors who have permission to do “Revolution”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q- How long is the hell train arc in the Tower of God?

This story the hell train arc in Tower of god part 2 started after one month as on the event of the 2nd story from the 111th chapter, It is the longest arc with 315 chapters and this arc has an extreme following at the end of the last station.

Q- What chapter does the hell train start?

Tower of God Part 2: The hell train arc in Tower of god part 2 started after one month as on the event of the 2nd story from the 111th chapter.

Q- What is the hell train in the Tower of God?

The hell train is an express train that helps to climb on the tower as a “Shortcut”
and more quick climbs on the tower,

Q- How strong is the White Tower of God?

The white tower of God is a high ranker and power technically So that power-full Slayer has fallen to the realm of Regulars.

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