Embark on an Epic Journey in Tower of God Part 2: The Workshop Battle.

“The Workshop Battle” Tower of God Part 2 is the second story, if you want to hear the second story of Tower of God: Part 2 – The Workshop Battle you are right to stay here with us .here we reveal all story about The Workshop Battle (공방전) in which story writer has focused on the returning to a prince who is a first mega arc in this part .in this story has focused on that point has an occurs around in every five years. and it happened where the workshop on the 30th floor where is creating Jyu Viole Grace meeting with all old friends.

this story has stared on the 20th floor where the story begins before two years ago .this was started in the first part of Tower of God: Part 2-The Prince of Zahard, this was included 110 arcs as long, and this was forwarded to arc Tower of God: Part 2 – The Hell Train.

How many arcs are in the Tower of God Part 2 – The Workshop Battle?

Tower of God Part 2 – The Workshop Battle in this part has included 14 story arcs and it has started from 38 chapters to 110 chapters all names are given below as you can scroll here. and fans are waiting for the Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date Countdown

1-PrologueEmile chapter 38
2-ConnectionChapters 39 to Vol.2 Ch.41
3-Chapter 39 to Vol.2 Ch.41Chapters 42 to 51
4-BetChapters 52 to 55
5-Workshop BattleChapters 56 to 57
6-One Shot, One OpportunityChapters 58 to 65
7-ArchimedesChapters 66 to 68
8-Battle x GambleChapters 69 to 76
9-The TruthChapters 95 to 107
10-TournamentChapters 81 to 84
11-ThornChapters 85 to 90
12-The SummoningChapters 91 to 94
13-ClosureChapter 95 to 107
14-EpilogueChapters 108 to 110

Short summary of Tower of God Part 2 – The Workshop Battle

According to the story of Tower of God Part 2: The Workshop Battle, in this story Team Tangsooyook is trying to climb and reach on 30th floor of the tower .but in this participant was fighting starts a workshop battle .but just now Meanwhile Khun has been compleated the 29th floor, and information has gotten to Meanwhile Khun by chat robot, information was that the Bom is alive now yet. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q-What chapter does the workshop battle end?

The workshop battle end in chapters 56 to 57.

Q- What floor is the workshop battle?

After arriving on the 30th floor they participated in the workshop battle.

Q-What happened to Rachel in Tower of God?

As of member of works with Khun’s team, she was working alongside FUG. After this event, she took him to one place or the last station. as of work, she was last seen with the cast of Po Bidau Family and Ha Yura.

Q-Who wins the workshop battle?

Team Tangsooyook Has won the workshop battle.

Q-How many battles are in Battle Tower?

The battle tower has seven sets of towers, you can win the rewards of BP. if you won all sets of seven.if you reinter them to win 20 battles in a row. and the next Tower Tycoon Palmer on the 21st will face you.

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