Best Story of Tower of God Session 2: The Prince of Zahard.

The Prince of Zahard is starting As first Story of the Tower of God Sesion-2 it take to create a place Such As six Month the story of “The Return of the Prince” After An event Of part one Such as “Jue Viola Grace” Ja Wang nan With the team was the main characters , it has maintaining the full story of first 35 to 37 Chapter of volume 2 ,

This Story has set the scene by the Volume 2 past And next by the story of volume 2 The workshop Battle .So Stay with connected to this page article As you can know as You are searching about The Prince of Zahard: The first story of Tower of God Sesion-2.You can like ThisTower Of God Season 2 Release Date: and Time, Countdown,

How many story arc in The first story consists (Tower of God Sesion-2)

IN the first story has been consist Such as 10 Story arcs and Spans as Including to Chapter 1 To 35 Chapter But two story arc Are Extra ,These Are contained in First Story which are given bellow .

  • Last Chance ( Starts from 1 To 5)
  • The Strongest Regular ( From 6 to 8)
  • Bath ( From 9 To 10 )
  • The Untrustworthy Room (From 11 To 18)
  • The Preys ( From 19 To 21 )
  • Epilogue ( Only 22)
  • The Wool’s Knot ( from 23 to 25)
  • FUG ( From 26 to 28)
  • Zygaenid’s Flower ( From 29 To 33)
  • Epilogue, Path ( From 34 to 35)

Short Summary The first story consists (Tower of God Sesion-2)

In this story has started after six year when twenty fifth Bom,s has fall to bottom of second floor during the wine glass has been fall down , and all has been De cleared that he has died .One man HIs name was Ja wangman Who has Many time failed to 20thfloor test .

but he decided to trying again one time .And he meet the lot of bunches and interesting Regulars in which including one man Hon Akraptor WHO the father he lost his daughter , one man who has kind heartand massive Man Who wants to Search someone ,

He saw two girl one who is wearing big round glasses ,name was Yeo Gosens , and one who is little height girl named Yeo Miseng , both are climbing to tower to searching to her mother and father , and another side one is the prince who is the cocky son And Loan Shark And mysterious with long hairy boy his name was “Jyu Viole Grace ” who has claim to he is killer of “FUG. “in beginning all Are enemy of each other

but slowly they become closed to each other and working as Mission “The Floor Test” and become As a Team called “Tangsooyook”

And after some time FUGL’s member Ha Jinsung and Hwa Ryun, they met together and they truth create with each other and knowing the truth of slayer. and they plan to how to continue the 25th Bom, during this period on the 25th floor Khun Aguero Agnis , has showing to make a team for healp Rachel to climb on tower .

in which team has included the team member were “Khun Ran, Novick, Apple, Gyetang, Michael, and Edin Dan” their intension was not true, because they revels ” what is the true intension” Their plan was the revenge on Rachel and killing the best friend Twenty fifth Bom,but they did not know to he was live with other name .

The team of Tangsooyok has continue to climbing on 25 th floor when they reached on 21th floor Such As part of test where they have to need of enter the body of Zygaena For getting the Zygaena’s Flower .while the inter to creatures body have to faseing to Urek Mazino ,So Bom has decided to face for getting to flower to pass test .

they have decided to play a game ,But finally Bom has fatel injury and loses when he was trying to protect Miseng.while he loses the game but get to Urek’s respect So Urek Has Decided to leave the flower intensonaly As he get rewards , but he realized that he has injury come from fight , and realized how potential bom,s have ?

On other floor of tower they were seen talk to each other and they have decided to met after every two year on 30 date .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q-Who is the prince of Zahard?

ANS-As per official story of tower of God Season -2 Zahard is not prince at all family and According to Wangnan’s reactions Zahard is unknown but fans are searching “the prince of Zahard “

Q-Is Baam the prince of Jahad?

ANS-Yes Baam is the real prince of Jahad instead of Wangnan.

Q-How many princes of Jahad are there?

ANS-Jahad have total 28 confirmed Princesses ,other have missing .

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