Who is Wangnan Tower of god? How to Understand Wangnan in Tower of God?

Wangnan Tower of god is the main character of The Tower of god Season -2 and one of the main characters of the Return of the Prince. who wants to make the king of the whole tower of god. As per his thought, he was giving support to make powerful mind for made powerful minds to achieve

his targets compared to others’ thinking. he always made the plan to reach the top of the tower of god and try to high up to the upper floor of the tower, opposite to that people have defeated to life.

After the fight at the last Station, he meets to finally Tangsooyook And another team member.

What is Wangnan power in (Wangnan Tower of god)

Wangnan Tower of god Power is Normal, You can Say no weak, standards of measurement, which have some luck and stacks plane and skill .it seems like he has good luck and strategic skills. he did not do well in all tests. He failed many times during the tower journey. and on the 20th floor, he failed on test on a high level. and he is bankrupted in debt. and Finally, he would run away from the loaner if possible. Wangnan has one weapon list currently, which has mostly Shinsu Bombs And a black Needle in one of them. You can see how to use Shinsu Bomb And how to control them

How to use Physical Strength And Shinsu bomb:-

if you see the term of physical strength It may be from weak to high strength. an example was there he had seen high strength and power when he defeated a flying man with a punch, who was flying on few meters distance. and Shinsu bomb power is one of strength in weaker skills. both defects are proven when he kept on the place of 15th in the world’s strongest power test which only focused on the Shinsu bomb.


Wangnan Tower of god always seemed quiet and active, because he always managed and saved hits by Jlu Viole Grace but it was true that his competitor was being limited on his power and eliminating his without any fatal injury even though he was seen as running on the walls.

Shinsu Bombs:

shinsus bomb was one the most powerful weapons of Wangnan Tower of god it was used in the method of Offence which is used too often in any situation He believes in Powerful bombs. because it was suitable for attack. and Wangnan uses at last option as powerful. Mangnan used to powerful bomb which was made with pepper powder it used to blind to anime. mostly his bombs are made with a smoke Screen and his team gets some time to take proper action, his aim is good that as he target achieved in short distance to use mule love and pepper bombs, he has different size bombs but they are the same in length, so there are in precise with trajectory.

Antimatter Bomb:

It is a special Shinsu Bomb That was made by Sophia Amaye To control the live aggression weapon and control policy when this bomb went out of control. antimatter bomb destroys the body’s structure of living ignition Weapons. the main drawback is it destroys the Wangnan Tower of god’s body also when touches them. It took one year to control this bomb, but after throwing it freely controlled and he was able to do it,

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Wangnan has leadership Qualities:-

Khun has described Wangnan as A True leader and undeniable qualities. but Khun has made Wangnan the Vanguard For the Self team. it was not for he is cheapest and weak. Wangnan has top qualities and important qualities that he can hold their ability and psychotic Starnadrs like Quaetro Blitz. Wangnan once back was able to form an open friendship with Viole And he convinced them to have ginseng. and he has not decided to kill Wangnan and his team.

Who is Wangnan Tower of god? How to Understand Wangnan in Tower of God?

Endurance and Regeneration power:-

Wangnan has immense Endurance and regeneration power because Beta was stabbed in the heart and said that he would not live long but he was able to come to viole, it means he was brave and he is able ti live after getting stabbed in the heart. even a normal man has died after the end of a workshop fight. wangnan took a single day to recover from his heart hole He was unknown how it was possible. after that hell train had cut the Wangnan hand completely, and in the few weak his wound healed for only bandaged.

Wangnan has potential :

Siu had said that Wangnan is not a superpower in the starting he is not strong but it hints he is strong later.

Who is Wangnan Tower of god? How to Understand Wangnan in Tower of God?

Wangnan Has Speaking swards :-

on the Hidden Floor one Speaking Swards Has come And it seems that Swards has set their limits and doing to teleport to others.

Speaking Sword: At the Hidden Floor Wangnan came into possession of a new speaking sword. It seems the sword can teleport itself and other people within its range.

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