Official Confirmation: 

Tower of God Season 2 has been officially confirmed, bringing joy to fans eagerly awaiting its return.

Crunchyroll Announcement: 

The second season was announced by Crunchyroll in August 2022, accompanied by the release of key visuals and a series 

credit: pintrest

Author's Excitement:

credit: zona negative

The author of Tower of God, SIU, expressed his gratitude for the support from fans and the anime production staff, eagerly anticipating Season 2.

Returning Characters:

credit: kudasai

Several main characters are expected to return for Season 2, including Bam, Rachel, Anaak Jahad, Quant Blitz, Serena Rinnen, and Headon.

English Dub:

credit: pintrest

It is likely that Season 2 will receive an English dub not long after the Japanese version is released, making it accessible to a broader audience.

First Trailer:

credit: looper

Crunchyroll released the first trailer for Tower of God Season 2 on the same day as the official announcement in August 2022. The trailer provided a glimpse of Bam and Rachel's journey.

Game-Based Challenges

credit:  gud story

Tower of God's storyline revolves around characters facing various rounds of games and challenges designed to eliminate contenders on their way to the top.