When was Alabama Barker born? Know More About in 2024

when was Alabama Barker born/? on the date December 2005 And she is now 18 years old. Alabama Barker is now trending as a Reality Star on the famous TV show as part of Meet the Barkers reality show. Her native place is California where Alabama Barker was born in 2005, Her real name is Alabama Luella Barker. She Belongs to the drummer of the Blink-182 band Travis and the Shanna Moakler family.

Her mother Shanna is known as Beauty Queen in California. Alabama’s Elder brother’s name is Landon Barker, All of the family members are shown in the TV show. from childhood Alabama was interested in music because she was talented in musical art and she also continued with her passion for music,

So she recorded her first Debut like Title is ” Our House” Her music was liked by most people and they started to follow, in her personality we can say that she was good and friendly with everyone and according to her hard work. Alabama’s future is bright and in the future, she wants to become a Model and she is trying in this modeling.

When was Alabama Barker born? Know More About in 2024

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Know more interesting Fcs about Alabama Barker born

1-Alabama is the youngest daughter of Travis Barker and her mother Miss USA Shanna Moaker who appeared in the MTV show ” Meet the Barker ” After that she started in music with the Song ” Heartbreaker “and became popular in the music industry.

2-When she was on the second or end of the season of ” Meet the Barker” and became famous from the final show.

3- Alabama Barker released a single Debut ” Our House ” in 2017

4-Alabama has one elder brother  his name is Landon Aasher Barker,

5-Alabama is currently dated to David Reyes He was famous as DD Osama.

6-She has one sister and life relations with Atiana Cecilia De La Hoya ” Who is also the daughter of Shanna AND a boxer Oscer De la Hoya. Both have much friendly relationship.

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Who is Travis’s daughter?

Travis’s Daughter’s name Is Alabama Barker And her stepdaughter’s name is Atiana De La Hoya

How old is ALABAMA Barker?

According to Alabama Barker born date 24 Dec 2005 Alabama is now 18 years old.

Who is older Landon or Alabama?

Landon Was born on 09 October 2003 and Alabama Barker was Born on 24 Dec 2005 so Landon is older than Alabama.

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