Who are the Bella Twins Married To? Exploring the Love Story (2024)

This article, has a piece of interesting information about who the Bella twins married To? and their love story! because fans are searching to know about her life twist what they have to do, and how both have become famous, So please Let’s start to know The Bella twins are famous wrestlers in WWE Both are performing in WWE as a wrestler and both are famous as Bella twins sister, her name is Brie Bella and Nikki Bella,

but the real name is different as a famous name. her real name is Brianna and Nicole. Both are champions in WWE Divas Champions. First, brie won the WWE title championship, and second, Nikki won the WWE championship Both are known as the famous longest-reigning holder of the WWE title. Know more

Who are the Bella twins married To-(Love Story)

As per my title “Who are the Bella twins married To ” as you crawl down my page you can see the details of the Bella twins’ marriage information of each sister, who was first engaged and who was the husband of Brie and Nikki. Also, read -Most popular Florence Pugh Movies and TV shows Updated 2023

Who are the Bella Twins Married To? Exploring the Love Story (2024)

Who married Brie Bella and who is the husband of Brie. . ?

Brie Bella is an elder sister in both of So Brie revealed her engagement on 13 September 2013 as per her report brie was engaged to professional Wrestler Bryan Danielson. After the engagement, the couple Dated for one year and then decided to marry on 11 April 2014 .and the most fantastic thing was both were starting vegetarians. after marriage, the couple has two Children.

Who is Bryan Danielson?

Bryan Danielson was born on 22 May 1981. He is 41 years old now. He is a famous And professional wrestler in America as of the time of 2023. he is famous for all Elite Wrestling ( AEW) . and he is also a member of Blackpool Com bot CLUB. and also had to know about old times as WWE. He was working under the Ring Daniel Bryan From ( 2009 to 2021).

Who are the Bella Twins Married To? Exploring the Love Story (2024)

Who married Nikki and who is her Husband of Nikki?

Nikki was born on 21 November 1983 In America. her real name is Stephanie Nicole Chigvintsev but she is famous as Nikki Bella or Twins sisters, she is known by her Professional name Nikki Garcia. She is an American TV actor and professional wrestler. She was famous for her time in WWE where she performed under the famous name Nikki Bella in WWE. Nikki was announced in May 2014 Total Winning Divas. She was dating at the age of 20 to John Cena.

When she was in high school as a Sweetheart. both have been dating each other since 2012. and after a long time dating each other, they decided to become a couple. So Nikki and John Cena were engaged on 2 April 2017. John Cena proposed to Nikki when during the mixed Tag Team match of Wrestle Mania 33 on 15 April 2018 After the proposal both decided to postpone their engagement and wedding plan.

because they have been planned for 5 May 2018. Nikki was dating another in 2019 season 25 (Dancing with the Stars) and when the partner was ( Russian Dancer Artem Chigvintsev) After dating to Couple planned to engage on 29 Jan 2020. Nikki was so exiting after they announced her engagement.

because she wants to have her first child before the twin’s sister brie. Brie also announced Her pregnancy the same day .on 11 June 2020 Nikki announced The baby boy His name was Matteo Artemovich Chigvintsev. He Was born on 31 July 2020. but they both married on 26 August 2022.

Who is Artem Chigvintsev ?

Arten Chigvintsev was born on 12 june 1982 . He was a Russian Dancer and he specialized in Latin Dancing. He was a choreographer and Reality TV star. Artem was Cast in ” Burn the Floor” he also joined Strictly Come Dancing in 2010. he won the Celebrity Partner Awards Kara To Clinton.

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People Frequently ASK ( FAQ)

1-Who are the Bella twin’s husbands?

ANS-Brie Bella And Nikki Bella are twin sisters Both are famous for WWE wrestling. Brie’s husband’s name is Bryan Danielson and Nikki’s husband’s Name is Artem Chigvintsev.

2-Q-Who is the richest Bella twin?

Ans- As per reports of the authority website Bella Twins has an estimated net worth of $20 million. and Individually Nikki has an estimated net worth is $8 Million. Brie Bella has an estimated net worth has $12 Million. Therefore brie is the richest twin of the twin Sisters.

3-Q-What is the age of the Bella Twins?

Ans- According to Brie Bell’s date of birth 21 November 1983. she is now 39 years old in 2023. and Nikki Bella was also 39 years old now in 2023 as twin sister.

4-Q-who is the Bella twins’ biological father?

Ans – The Bella twins’ Biological father and mother were Jon Garcia and Kathy Colace, .

5-Q-When Did the Bella Twins’ Mom Start Dating?

Ans -The Bella Twin’s mom’s Name is Kathy Laurinaitis she is currently married to John Laurinaitis

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